Running an organization is expensive enough.
Composites shouldn't be.
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How does it work?

Instead of paying exorbitant rates for photos, and being locked into a contract, why not do it yourself? We make it easy to get your organization's composite, without any hidden fees, or any commitment.

It's as easy as...

Step 1
Find a Photographer.
Step 2
Take your photos.
Step 3
Send them to us.
Step 4
Print your composites at any print shop.

The difference could save your organization thousands.

Why Choose Us?

Cheap Prices

We save you money by specializing in the photography editing part of creating a composite - why pay a single company thousands of dollars for your composite, a bunch of extras you don't need, and extra fees, just because they took photos for $35 each?

With EasyComposites, YOU choose the photographer, we handle the composites.

Open Design

Our pre-set options allow us to make prices super low. We're constantly adding new customization features, so you'll never be stuck with mundane.

Simple Flat Payment

We lay out our pricing plan very clearly. We do not charge more for every little thing - there are set prices for each service. You will not pay more for each member or more for including titles.
For a limited time we will beat your previous composite bill by 50%

What you get

Tier 3 Tier 2 Tier 1
Square, Rounded, or Oval Pictures Borders
Organization Seal
Basic portrait size choice
(2 standard portrait sizes)
Advanced portrait size choice
(Custom Sizing up to 4 sizes)
Standard Font
Custom Font Choice
(Font must be provided)
Standard Black or White Font
Font Color Choice
Custom Background Color
Custom Background Image/Border
Standard Black Photo Border
(5 Pixels or 10 Pixels Wide)
Custom Photo Border Colors
Custom Photo Border Sizes
Standard Image Sizes
(10 - 15 per row - Groups Under 90)
Wide Image Sizes
(15 - 20 per row - Groups Over 90)
Up to 3 Revisions
Up to 5 Revisions
Help in finding a photographer
Set up printing for you


Why wait for a quote? We make our pricing structure straightforward and independent from the number of members your organization has.

Tier 3


  • Pre-set design options
  • Ready-to-print high quality image file

Tier 2


  • All tier 3 features
  • More customization options and up to 3 revisions

Tier 1


  • All tier 2 features
  • Support in finding a local photographer and print shop

Special promo

50% off

  • Tier 3 features
  • 50% off the price of your last composite price with a receipt


Tier 3

Thin (10 Pictures Wide)

Normal (15 pictures wide)

Tier 1 & 2

Wide (20 pictures wide)

Normal (15 pictures wide)

Want a peek into the future? Ask us to create a sample composite for you!

The EasyComposites Team

EasyComposites was launched in Summer 2017 by student entrepreneurs James Gan and Jordan Pizza.
We are commited to bringing competitive prices to organizations nationwide.

James Gan

Cornell University

Easy Composites

A Washington State LLC

Jordan Pizza

University of South Florida

We will donate 20$ from each composite to StudentRND, a 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to increasing Computer Science enrollment nationwide.

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We will get back to you as long as it isn't finals season!